A touch of the void


The Mother of Mysteries

Over this once quiet & peaceful harbor town our anti-heroes descend. Pengin, ever so patiently and of a quite practiced nature, docks his supernatural vessel and orders his crew to “Dock ‘er down”. Armed with new information & new ideas, the adventurers head directly for the fortress interior.
Karsus heads towards Black in the Library; Castiel’s worries of the animated nemesis rung true in his ear. Only after days of reading & research will he gain any insight into this threat.
Castiel and Cloak, however, take the pragmatic approach. They find Drakus within the Fortress proper. In detail they describe unto him the shallow sandy temple they plunged & relate to him the tapestries.
“Odd, I thought that was a long dead myth: just a portion of a forgotten text. Though now it would seem that my hopes were incorrect. I may be evil to some, but I do not desire the destruction of the world; and that is what this is. La Anima Sola will burn all, if these are true. Where are these tapestries? I must see them.”
Cloak & Castiel go to Karsus, who had tucked at least a couple of these woven wonders into his robes, and together the group returns to Drakus. They all together eye the intricacies of these tapestries, noting the patterns & colors, even noticing patterns & clues contained within the weaving. Drakus stifles a giggle, and tells the PCs to follow him. He takes the center tapestry and flows into the map room. With a swift motion he lays it over the large map, and nothing happens.
“Maybe it’s just the wrong continent…” He mutters.
Karsus grows slightly impatient; he has tomes to scour & secrets to find. With little notice, he turns and walks toward the library once more. Castiel raises an eyebrow: “where you going?”
“I have secrets to find.” Karsus states, only slightly turning to reply: his mind is already within the library.
“Drakus, do you know of a cult following La Anima Sola?” Cloak inquires. “I do not;” Drakus disappointedly replies. “Give me 3 days and I will have the information you seek.” With this, Drakus turns and exits the map room, heading toward the fortress exit.
With Drakus making a swift exit with no information given; Cloak and Castiel are left wondering, while Karsus is absorbed in lore.
Castiel is fed up with the lore hunts and surprises, his father gave life to no fool. Perhaps it is time for him to create his own forces: they would certainly become useful in any dire situation and what better to provoke an unknown mystical assailant than cannon fodder?


I don’t wear robes. =P


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